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This dream interpretation was from my monthly column Sea of Dreams at
G21 Webzine for December, 1998.

Feedback from Flying Chair's Dream :

Dear Cyndi Russell

Thank you very much for choosing my dream to interpret. I was pleasantly surprised when I received your email congratulating me on being the winner.

My dream has been haunting me ever since I had it which lead me to investigate the possibility of having my dream interpreted in any way possible, which then led me to search the web for answers and found your web page; and without hesitation entered into your competition. It seems I was drawn to your page with a very strong gut feeling that I would receive an interpretation. (very strange)

Your interpretation had a lot of relevance for me which has taken me to the next level of awareness into dealing with my emotions and realizing that all the barriers which have held me back for so long were only due to my own negativities in not realising that my own true happiness lies within myself, and only now can I begin the healing process , creating positive energy which will ultimately give me greater awareness to deal with any problem that may arise in my future in a more positive way, and to enable me to reverse the process.

Once again Thanks,
Flying Chair


Hi Flying Chair,

It looks like your intuition is in top form these days; that's great! It's wonderful to see how we are guided towards people who are able to help us just when we need it. I've been the beneficiary many times, so it's nice to know I'm being utilized, also. It sounds like you are well on the right track, and should make even quicker progress now more than ever. I hope you'll check back from time to time and let me know how you are doing. Thank you for taking the time to give me feedback on your dream interpretation; that encourages me to continue doing these interpretations for others.

Wishing you enlightening dreams,

Copyright 1998-2006, ZenCyn.

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