Nyssa's New Wheels!

Nyssa's Imported Wheels

Hi, my name is Nyssa Nightengale Russell.  Welcome!

This is my  story of when I got a new  imported British wheelchair cart from the UK. My mommy's friend Liz told her all about her furbaby HRH Poppy's cart & how wonderful it is, so I just had to have one too and I always get what I want!

At first I wasn't too sure I wanted to cooperate, because I never felt good in my other wheelchair cart.    That one never did fit or feel right, and I didn't like being in it one bit.

I decided to work this situation to my full advantage,  and of course I needed to seem as pitiful as possible to get lots of num-nums out of the deal. (This trick works really well & I highly recommend it.)

Nyssa's Imported Wheels

Ok, I'm worried here...I'm in this new British wheelchair and I hear that they drive on the *wrong* side of the road, so I'm too scared to move!
I'll look really, really worried and maybe they'll get me outta this contraption!


Nyssa the Drama Queen

...or maybe not.  Hmph!   I decided just to stand still and sniff the grass for an hour or so, verrrry cautiously.
Maybe that will tire them out and I can get my treat without walking!


Who took off the training wheels?!

When all else fails, look as pathetically pitiful as possible and refuse to budge.
Mommy says I've mastered the ultimate pitiful expression. YES!


I tell ya, I'm NOT movin' !

It's no use, I can't possibly move this exotic european contraption!
I refuse to even attempt to budge, and will just stand here on my 2 good legs and give my family  that,
"How could you treat a crippled doggie like this?" look until they cave in!
That's it, I'm....I'm...wait-a-minute, *sniff-sniff*  What's that?!


The supreme motivator...food!!!
 Hello , what's this?! Could that be what I think it is?

The supreme motivator...food!!!

 IT IS!!  Oh JOY, it's TOAST!! 
My bruffer keeps backing away from me farther & farther,
but there's no stopping The Toast Monster, no siree. 

The supreme motivator...food!!!

Why was I so afraid of this wonderful cart?! Look at me, I am having a fabulous  time running around,
barking at neighbors and chasing squirrels and chameleons and having a great time!

I'm in my groove now and running all over the place & having so much fun I *almost* forgot the yummy toast!
Incredible to believe, I know...whew, I remembered it just  in time so it's ok.


I'm Lovin' this wheelchair cart!!!

Time for my cute look again, just in case bruffer has more toast!

I'm Lovin' this wheelchair cart!!!

Y'know, there is alot to be said for the "pitiful crippled doggie" routine, but it doesn't hold a candle to getting my freedom back, feeling the wind in my face as I run around and play with my mommy & bruffer, and terrorizing the neighborhood squirrels.
They must know who's Top Dog around here!

I'm having so much fun, and I want to 'specially thank our friends
Liz & HRH Poppy for their help by telling us who to contact to get this wonderful cart :-)


Here is where we got the dogMOBILE wheechair cart, for anyone else who is interested:

The dogMOBILE Company

If you contact dogMOBILE, please make sure you tell Bob that Cyndi & Nyssa from Florida said "Hi!" They make a wonderful, safe cart in all types of sizes for dogs and cats, and it's much more comfy than some of the other carts on the market. It helps me get the best use out of my lamest leg, and now I'm using my other lame leg to walk much more! So it's an excellent cart, highly recommended by Mommy & me.

To anybody who has a pet that recently became partially paralyzed, please listen up:  most of today's veterinarians do not seem knowledgeable about crippled pets, and don't always explain things well.  When the injury first occurs there is alot of pain, but with medication it is manageable until the body heals, and then there is no more pain!  This is crucial information to remember.   You do not have to euthanize your pet because you think the pain will never end.  It DOES end, and they will go back to having a wondeful life with you :-)

If your furbaby is newly crippled, keep them on strict crate rest no matter how pitiful they carry on, because if they are to have any chance of getting their legs back in full use, they *must* be kept confined for quite a few weeks.  I highly recommend you join an email list like



ABLEDOGS has lots of helpful links to help you get started, and there is a wonderful support network of other furbaby parents who have a wealth of information you won't find at the typical vet's office, unfortunately.  So don't despair, and hang in there until you get all the great information...I've heard of  many hopeless & sad parents end up watching joyfully as their furbaby happily runs around in their wheelchair cart, or seal-walks on soft grass.  They don't know what being paralyzed means, and get around faster than we can keep up. Just take a look at this picture that Nyssa was supposed to be in, below.



Proof that a paraplegic doggie can really move fast---Nyssa was supposed to be in this photo!
As my pal Anita says, "Never feel sorry for a dog in a $300 wheelchair..." ha-ha!

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Well, that's it for now...I have exploring to do and chameleons to chase, and those squirrels are getting way too much free time on the ground so I have to protect my territory and get back out there pronto. Thanks for stopping by, and remember...if you are scared at first in a wheelchair, just give it your best try because it will mean your freedom so stick with it until you get over the fear or funny feelings, and work the "pitiful crippled doggie" routine for all it's worth and you'll get lots of num-nums, which is a major bonus :-)

They don't call me The Toast Monster for nuthin' !


Thank you for visiting :-)   Bye-Bye for now!

--But wait, there's more:

Great book for those of us who lose a beloved pet...this is a book originally written for a child, but the simple heart-felt message is healing for all of us!

Book: For Every Dog an Angel, by author Christine Davis. You can find it at Amazon.com or other book stores on the net.

Whenever possible, do whatever you can to help heal your spirit after suffering from the pain of watching a beloved pet endure pain & illness, or in dealing with the loss of your beloved pet. There are many lessons to be learned from these heart-wrenching events in life. Believe that everything happens for a reason, especially the painful scary things that we cannot understand. Find the blessing within the tragedy, and you'll find your peace. My wish for every visitor is to find this wonderful sense of peace, so they can let go of all these painful feelings, and find the Light!

I wrote the above just a few short weeks before we unexpectedly lost our lovely Nyssa.
Now I'll have to try to do the same; my heart goes out to everyone else who feels as I do
right now, as I write this. I miss Nyssa soooo much, and always will. Goodbye, my Sweet-Faced
little angel. Remember that Mommy loves you, always.

I Love You Nyssa

Nyssa Nightengale Russell
a.k.a. "The Toast Monster" and Sweet-Face
- November 29, 1991 -- October 29, 2004 -
11 years, 11 months old.

Our darling little girl Nyssa succumbed to mammary gland cancer that spread to her lungs & liver; euthanized at 3pm EST.
May she be greeted in heaven @ The Rainbow Bridge by all the furbabies who preceeded her,
until we can embrace her in our loving arms again.
We love you for eternity & miss you so much, my little Sweet-Face Nyssa.

If you would like to read more about Nyssa's remarkable life,
and the message that she gave so many people & their disabled pets, you can visit her 2 websites here:

Nyssa's Wheels! (You are here)

And: Nyssa's Gift!

If reading about Nyssa has touched your life in a positive way, I would greatly appreciate hearing
from you, because it would mean so much to me and help me heal from mourning the loss of this
dear little soul, at least in this physical world. I miss her so, and find comfort knowing
that her pain is gone, and she is happy. She was so sweet, she just had to be an
angel here on earth, so I know she looks down on us all now, from her little spot in heaven.

I hung a special windchimes outside my window, and at night when I am alone and everyone else
has gone to bed, it comforts me to hear "Nyssa's Windchimes" and think of the saying,
"Every time a bell rings, an angel gets her wings."

angel holding furbaby

  Please go to Page 2, Nyssa's Gift

This page is about when the unthinkable happened, and a disc in my neck caused trouble and I woke up one day *totally paralyzed* from the neck down! Please read my story so you will know what to do if this happens to your furbaby. I got better, but it could help you to be prepared, and my Mom should know...she was a Girl Scout!

Links to Canine Spine Disorders pages

Nyssa won an award from down under! (Told ya she gets around)
Date: June 19, 2002
Thank you so much, Nukldusta Kennels!


Nyssa Won a very special award!! Date: May, 2002
This award is from a very special website I highly recommend, called "Flawed Companions." My buddies Marlin, Vinnie & Monty's stories are there, and their wonderful human Heather is spreading the word that pets with special needs have lots of life & love left to give us, so please visit their website & if you have a website, consider linking up and helping to save the lives of many deserving pets. Thank you, Heather!


Wow, Heather gave my Mom Cyndi an award, too--thank you, Heather! This is what she said:
"The Guardian Angel award is for you for all you've done for Nyssa; if she belonged to someone else, she may not be here today. The Outstanding Courage Award is for Nyssa, for having the courage to overcome her "flaw" and enjoying life. "

Heather, you are the BEST! Thank you :)


Here is a link to one of my cyberfriends' pages.
His name is Fidel, and he is soooooo cute!

Fidel's Homepage :)

I wuv Fidel!

Nyssa Won an award!! Date: January 17, 2002 Whoo-Hoo!!

I got an award!

The Doggie graphics are from Becki's Garden - -Thanks, Becki!

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This webpage is dedicated to our beloved Nyssa Nightengale Russell, and those furbabies like her, and the humans who love & care for them.

I also want to give a special *Thank You!* to Karen Henry, owner of AbleDogs support email group, who has helped so many of us.
There is a special place in Heaven for caring people like her. You're the best, Karen!

Smile though your heart is aching

Though your heart is aching
Even though it's breaking
There are clouds
In the sky,
You'll get by
If you smile
Through your fear and sorrow
And maybe tomorrow
You'll see the sun
Come shining through
For you!

Light up your face
With gladness
Hide every trace
Of sadness
Although a tear
May be ever so near
That's the time
You must keep on trying
What's the use of crying?
You'll find that life
Is still worth-while
If you just smile
That's the time
You must keep on trying
What's the use of crying?
You'll find that life
Is still worth-while
If you just smile

Chaplin - Turner - Parsons

I Love You, Nyssa.

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