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dream: "I have two types of dreams who torture me alternatively. One is being chased, by people who mean to kill me. Sometimes in cars. I couldn't run, or my car wouldn't start, or the gun I hold in my hand can't fire."

"INCREUVABLE's" Dream Interpretation:

Chase dreams are supposed to be about a problem or series of related problems that one is avoiding facing in their waking life. Not being able to run is symbolic that you will soon *have* to face the problem and won't be allowed to run any longer, because circumstances have come to this point. It is best to face the issue and try to come up with constructive ways of handling it, rather than to keep running. Running away or avoiding problems are more painful, in the long run. (No pun intended, but it fits!)

PEOPLE WHO MEAN TO KILL YOU : are representing aspects of your own Self. Each person in our dreams represents an aspect within ourselves that we mirror in that person...if you don't know these people and they are strangers, then this is symbolic that you are not yet consciously aware of this aspect (and need to be), but you will be, eventually. KILLING is a fearful descriptive symbol of feeling powerless, while dying is a symbol for rebirth. Your fears are making the issues this dream is about more scary than they need to be. Have you ever heard the saying, "Don't die a thousand deaths?" This means it can be more painful worrying about an event happening that we fear, than the actual event ever ends up being, itself. I believe this is what these dream themes of yours are trying to "tell" you.

CAR WON'T START: a car is symbolic of one's physical "vehicle" in life, or our body. Your body probably is "frozen in fear" and that is why the car won't start, metaphorically.

The GUN you hold in your HAND "CAN'T" FIRE: Guns often symbolize sexual energy. This could be anything from a fear of contracting sexually transmitted diseases, to nervousness around the person you might desire; to the newness of one's sexual experience, as in puberty; regardless, it might be suggestive of either an unwillingness to perform sexually, or being held back by circumstances, fears, or simply not being ready. Since you mention this as part of a dream theme and not a specific dream, I don't have anything else to go on. It could mean something different, depending on the other dream symbols in that particular dream.

dream: "The other is about snakes. Lot's of them.All shapes and colors. Soemtimes there are them all over in the playground.Other times they are just in a cage or a glass box with me. Most of the time I froze and they didn't bite. But their are times that they attact me. I just can't get away either. That's all!"


SNAKES are symbolic of untapped creative energy, life force/the kundalini. Snakes have historically been acquainted with evil, but that is not the typically accepted dream symbology. It is a symbol of rebirth, because of the way the snake sheds it's skin. In some cases, it can be a sexual symbol...but Freud thought just about everything was a sex symbol in dreams, so I am hesitant to even mention it; however, if these are the 2 dream themes you are having at the same time in your life, then these could be symbolic of your untapped sexual energy. This will often be experienced in puberty, and is normal.

The literal translation of kundalini means coiling, like a snake. This symbol of "coiling" represents ready & able energies which are not yet tapped into by the Self. That will happen as one becomes spiritually enlightened. The kundalini is like the base of operations of your consciousness, so when you are finally ready to move & make changes in your life, then the kundalini will pave the way for your consciousness to evolve & make those changes.

For more info on the kundalini, visit this page by Kurt Keutzer of Kundalini Resource Center @ http://hmt.com/kundalini/

A PLAYGROUND is symbolic of just that....a place for playing and relaxation. Your mind is probably telling you to RELAX and not take this issue so seriously.

CAGE or GLASS BOX: this is most likely descriptive of feeling trapped by your own fears, which are an illusion. Fear can keep us prisoners our entire lives, if we let them. We have to break free in order to really live happily and meet our goals in life.

So don't be afraid of the snake symbol, if that was your inclination. It is actually a positive symbol!

Ok, INCREV, that's it. I hope you found this dream interpretation helpful!

Now for my usual disclaimer....please take any interpretations as suggestions to sift through and "try on for size," and only keep what seems to "fit" in your situation. If it feels true to you, go with your intuition. If it doesn't feel true, or off-kilter in some way, then explore further for answers that do seem to fit. It might take several re-readings to understand the concept of this interpretation, so just let it sink in. My interpretation isn't meant to be therapy or professional advice, but I sure hope it helped!

Ultimately, each individual dreamer must decide what their own dreams mean. Please do not take anyone's word as "gospel" if it doesn't feel right to you, whether they have a PH.D or all the experience and fancy titles in the world. If it doesn't hit the mark for *you*, then it's not for you. You'll know.

Please let me know what your thoughts are on the interpretation. I appreciate your feedback.

---I'll be posting your interp later on this weekend. Let me know if you would like to add comments, or any name aliases you would like to use. If I don't hear from you, I'll choose an aliases. I don't use real names unless specifically asked to do so.

Thank you,

- - ZenCyn - -

Response from INCREUVABLE:

Hi Cyndi,

I got your interpretation. Thank you very much. I found them quite interesting and useful. You could post it with my alia INCREUVABLE on your site.

Thank you again for your work and wish you good luck!


This page has dream interpretations from monthly Dream Emporium's Contest Winners and their responses, if they gave valid email addresses and I was able to contact them. Aliases are used when contact isn't possible.

Life is but a dream
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